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Dirty Paws Pet Salon
We're in the business of making you smile...

Dirty Paws Pet Salon

We’re in the business of making you smile



about us

Welcome to Dirty Paws Pet Salon! When you walk into our salon, instantly you realize that we are a step above the rest. We felt that Bay City was most definitely ready for an upscale dog grooming experience. Dirty Paws Pet Salon has been a family owned business for 3 decades. We insist on a clean and safe environment for you and your dog. Our groomers have apprenticed under the close supervision of Elizabeth Galiardi and have evolved into Master Groomers in their own right. They have been with our company for over 10 years and will give your dog the best care possible. All of us strive to give you a more personal experience and help you to differentiate us from competitors.

Every dog has a tail to tell… We listen to our clients on both sides of the leash. Our entire team puts love into their craft so you can trust that your dog is in the most confident, capable and skilled hands possible. Our experience guides us to help you care for your fur baby. All of us enjoy having your best friend hang out with us. They participate in all kind of fun from belly rubs, bubble baths and sometimes our lunch! We take them through the grooming process gently, taking steps to allow them to rest and make themselves comfortable. Your dog becomes part of our family and we care for them just as we do our own. Its so true that when you find what you love, you’ll never have to work again…



Our Services


Grooming session

We offer a Grooming Session with you and your dog’s needs in mind. It is essential to their well being and health to be groomed on a regular schedule. At Dirty Paws Pet Salon we tend to your dog from head to tail, literally! Our team examines their skin, ears, teeth, toenails and anything in between before and during their haircut. If we find an issue, one of our team members will be happy to discuss it with you. Our Grooming Sessions consist of a haircut or trim that suits you and your fur baby’s lifestyle. We also brush and comb out the entire coat, trim toenails and clean out their ears. Shampooing and blow dry is also included. We finish them off with a cologne spritz and dazzle them with bows or neckties.


We love soaping up your dogs! They become such cuddle bugs when they're fresh from the tub. Our Bath & Brush package includes nail trimming, ear cleaning, brushing and blow dry. Last but not least a cologne spritz and bow or necktie.

Toenail Trims

If your just in need of a toenail trim you have come to the right place. Just come in between 8am & 4pm and we’ll accommodate you without an appointment. It doesn’t take long, that way you’ll be home in time for a walk with your friend! If you need a different time that is better suited to your schedule just give us a call and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment for you.

Walking the dog

We give your fur baby a potty break as a courtesy to you and of course to all that it may concern!

Puppy Trims

The sooner the better! Puppies are so smart and eager to learn and that’s why we like to introduce them to the steps that go into keeping them well groomed. It’s at this delicate stage in their life that we want their grooming experience to be a positive, safe and an enjoyable one.


As groomers we recognize the need to help you care for your dog’s skin and scalp. We offer an array of specialty shampoos. If your Veterinarian prescribes a medicated shampoo bring it with you and we will follow their directions.

Special Care

Puppies, elderly dogs and fur babies with special needs are cared for with compassionate and loving hands, We take pride in how well they respond to us. Dirty Paws Pet Salon has in place the team to be able to accomplish this and meet all of their needs.

I have been in love with dogs as long as I can remember. I could not imagine living a life without them...
— Liz Galiardi

We’re in the business of making you smile…



Our Menu


Starting at $30...


Our grooming package consists of brushing and combing out your dog’s entire coat. Toenail trimming, ear cleaning, bath and blow dry. Also most importantly a haircut that suits you and your fur baby’s lifestyle. We also offer on the house a cologne spritz and dazzle them with a bow or necktie.

Rates are determined by size of the breed and coat condition

Starting at $5…

Toenail Trims

You came to the right place! Between the hours of 8am and 4pm you won’t need an appointment for nail trims. If there is a pacific time that fits your schedule better just give us a call and we’ll set up an appointment for you.

Rates are determined by size of the breed

Starting at $18...

Bath & Brush

When you're short on time or don’t want to get wet, this package is made just for you! It includes toenail trim, ear cleaning, bathing and brushing. We also include a cologne sprits and bow or necktie.

Rates are determined by size of the breed and coat condition

Starting at $5 …


We offer a wide variety of shampoo treatments. These speciality shampoos are massaged into their coats and require us to keep them entertained until the time allows us to gently rinse it off.

Rates are determined by size of the breed and coat condition


Starting at $5...

a’la carte

Polished Toenails

Collar Wash

Teeth Brushing

Expressing Glands

Burr Removal


Face Trim

Feet and Pad Trim

Toenail Dremel

Fanny Trim

Rates are determined by size of the breed and coat condition

Special Care

There comes a time in all of our lives when we need a little extra care. Our dogs are no different. All of us at Dirty Paws Pet Salon are committed to making your best friend comfortable throughout their entire visit.



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